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Cooperation as a way of life

Federation of International Networking

The global network that AJEPC has built over time is called Federation of International Networking (FIN).

FIN is a movement that brings together people from all over the world interested in making connections on a global scale.

Its members are people or entities (companies and institutions) focused on expanding their network of contacts and business potential.


Our Story

FIN project has been promoted by AJEPC (Young Entrepreneurs Association Portugal-China) since 2017, which expanded the Portugal - China bridge to an annual cycle of events, called “5 events, 4 continents in Portuguese” that takes advantage of the global network of partners that has been built since the creation of the Association.


This is a project that, while promoting Lusophony as a connecting line for the world, also promotes interaction between international entities, escalating it into a global project.

Founding Members

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