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Business Cruise is a business experience, targeting CEO from all over the world that uses the cruise ship as a connection link between people and organizations, fostering networking and presenting new business opportunities.

The 2024 edition will be held at Saudi Arabia with special focus on the infrastructure business sector.

The cruise will start at Yanbu and finish at Damman, with passage throuhg Jeddah, the commercial center of the country.

All these places serve as access points no sites that are part of UNESCO World Heritage.

Water, Energy and Environment Forum

The Water, Energy and Environment Forum is an event that has been promoted since FIN Portugal’s inception, integrated in the main event.

With the promotion of the 4x4 Business Trip in Africa, it became an independent event in several countries throughout the trip.

In 2024, an edition will be held in Saudi Arabia as well.

The Water, Energy and Environment Forum is a space for debating problems and solutions for the management of water, energy, and the environment in each of the territories where it is promoted.

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