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FIN Business Forum Mozambique

The Young Entrepreneurs Business Trip 4x4 will be conducted in two stages this year. 

The first stage will start in Botswana on April 26 and finish in Angola on May 9 passing through Namibia. The second stage will start in Mozambique, with FIN Business Forum Mozambique, on November 5 and finish in Botswana on November 15, passing through Eswatini and Sounth Africa.

unique experience that allies adventure to business, always focusing on opening new cooperation opportunities and synergies with local entities and companies, that will allow all participants to get to know, in 4x4 vehicles, 6 African countries, thus supporting local development while visiting projects and making contacts. An immersive experience in the African reality as diverse as the countries that will be visited.

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Program highlights

Water, Energy and Environment Forum

The Water, Energy and Environment Forum is a space for debating problems and solutions for the management of water, energy, and the environment in each of the territories where it is promoted.

100 escolas, água e energia para todos!

The “100 Schools, Water and Energy for All!” is a social initiative that supports schools (from primary education to universities), guaranteeing them access to energy and water supplies as well as providing school materials.


The “Thinking Africa” Think Tank brings together African Union Leaders to reflect on issues that have a direct impact on the development of the african continent, trying to find new opportunities for growth.

Maun safari

A safari in Botswana, an amazing experience to be in tune with nature, observing wildlife in its purest form.

An opportunity to understand the difference between necessity and survival.

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