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Alberto Carvalho Neto

AJEPC | JEUNE, President

BEWG, Overseas Marketing Director


Alberto Carvalho Neto is President of AJEPC (Young Entrepreneurs Association Portugal-China) and JEUNE (Young Entrepreneurs Organization of the European Union). He is also President of Business Rail , Business Cruise and BusinessTrip’s Advisory Board.

With 20years’ experience in international business, specializing in trade and investment, he is, personally, interested in investments in the agricultural sector.

In 2017 he conceived FIN, a networking event that connects businesses from around the world with events in 5 different countries.

Professionally Alberto is CEO for Group BEWG (PT) and Marketing Director of the Overseas Division of BEWG.

On a personal level, he is interested in investments in the agricultural and hospitality sector.

Alberto Carvalho Neto
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